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If you are like most people, you’ll think of finding a good mechanic when your car breaks down or when you are involved in an accident. In any of those situations, you’ll be in a hurry to settle for any auto shop you come across. Here are a few tips to help you prevent this from happening.

When should you visit a auto mechanic?

Vehicle parts are usually interrelated. If you experience trouble with a specific part, ignoring repairs often leads to problems with the entire car system. That’s why it’s always important to take your car for routine maintenance. Simple processes like changing the oil can help you save a lot on fuel and prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

Most manufacturers have their own maintenance schedule stated clearly on the car’s manual depending on how often you drive and the mileage covered. However, you can find an auto repair shop that creates maintenance schedules for their clients. Knowing which maintenance schedule to follow is critical as it helps you to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Find a reputable auto shop

Taking your car to be serviced at any dealership is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. Not only do you risk paying a lot of money for unnecessary repair work but also exposing your vehicle to damage. But not every mechanic is crooked: there are some reputable repair shops that have highly experienced and professional works. Bowden Street Automotive is an auto repair shop that you can trust and with there certified auto mechanics they can help you solve any problem you are having with your car.

It’s always important to find a mechanic that is willing to show you where the problem are before they begin any repair work. When you fail to do this, you may receive a call from the  auto shop shortly after dropping off your car to inform you of additional repairs. At Bowden Street Automotive, we avoid this by working hand in hand with the car owner.

Spotting common repair problems

Taking time to know your car will help you address repair problems before they get out of hand. Most car owners are able to avoid costly car repairs by listening and looking around for signs of trouble. For instance, a small stain or fluid leaks under the car may not be a sign of trouble. But if you find wet spots and puddles below the car, be sure to have it checked.

Check out the fluid color and consistency. If you spot a red oily fluid, it could be a sign of transmission fluid leak. Whenever the engine is leaking oil, you will notice a darkish brown or blackish fluid. Sometimes drops of fluids can be a sign of an overheated engine or a leaking radiator.

Problems like burning oil, an electric shock or a flooded engine need to be diagnosed and repaired immediately. You are often told to avoid driving the car if you notice a strange smell and tow it to the nearest repair shop. Issues like a leaking fuel system can cause serious damage and need immediate attention.

Look out for sounds like squeaks and rumbles because they indicate potential problems and maintenance needs. For instance, a rumbling sound could be a sign of a faulty exhaust pipe or converter that needs to be checked at your trusted car care center.

Sometimes car parts like the brakes will start having several symptoms like unusual noises when braking because they need immediate attention. Don’t ignore any of these issues lest they become too costly to handle. Highly qualified mechanics at Bowden Street Automotive will quickly identify the underlying problem rather than rushing to provide unnecessary repairs.